Step 4
How It Works
You'll be amazed how easy the  StikNtheMudTM  is to use.   
After only four easy steps, you'll be enjoying the benefits
of hands-free hunting.  

With your gun on SAFETY, you're ready for the four
easy steps:

Step 1:  Stik it in the mud.  Position the spade end to the
subsurface and apply downward pressure until the holder
is secure.

Step 2:  Slide the gun rest to the desired height and fold
the rest down, locking it into position.

Step 3:  Adjust the upper tube.  Place your gun on the
gun rest and adjust the upper tube and barrel guide
slightly above the gun's fore stock.  Gently snug the wing
bolt to hold the upper tube in position.

Step 4:  Test it and you're ready.  Hold onto your gun
until you ensure the holder is stable enough to hold it
securely.  When all is stable, you are ready for hands-free

More detailed information is included in the brochure
accompanying your StikNtheMud
TM, but it really is quick
and simple.

Always remember to follow safe gun handling practices
when performing these steps by keeping your gun in the
safety position until ready for use.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Hands-free operation