"Wish I would have had this tool years ago."
"We love this product."
"What a great invention."
"Why didn't I think of that?"

These are a few of the many comments we've heard about our
TM product as it has established itself as a useful tool
for the duck hunter.  These comments are confirmed by the
re-orders we've received from customers purchasing additional
Stiks for hunting buddies, family, and friends.

The Stik is simply a tool that allows the wade-in hunter the freedom
from holding or carrying his/her firearm during the hunt.  It provides
immediate access to your firearm when the birds near the decoys.  
Have a cup of coffee, eat a sandwich, or two-hand call with your
shotgun in ready position to grab, aim, and shoot.

Try a StikNtheMud
TM today - we know you'll like it!
About The Stik