From Bill D, Ohio:

"First of all, what a great idea you have
come up with!  The StikNtheMud is
GREAT!!  My wife got me one for
Christmas and I love it. . ."

    From Craig Foster, The Flyway Highway Television Program:

      "Just wanted to let you know that Harold and I have been using your StikNtheMud all
    season while filming episodes of the Flyway Highway and are totally impressed!  Your
    product is ideal as a safe, convenient alternative to leaning your shotgun up against a
    tree or bush.  I recommend that all waterfowl hunters have a StikNtheMud.  The safety
    issue alone is enough to justify owning one.  The StikNtheMud is simple to use and well
    made.  I also like the carry case with strap.  The bottom line is we don't go on a hunt
    without our StikNtheMuds."

    From Bruce F, Maple Valley Video, Michigan:

      "When we are filming waterfowl hunts, we have to trim
    our equipment to essentials only.  The StikNtheMud's are
    essential for securing our shotguns safely for easy access.  
    It is one of the few things that we don't have to worry about;
    the guns remain safe, clean, and secure.  Now if  only our
    other equipment were this carefree."

    From Bruce Winston, B & B Expeditions:

      "...not only have I used one of the StikNtheMud's, but I also gave one to my
    duck guide in Arkansas to carry around to use and abuse.  It has seen a lot of
    use so far this duck season, and it works wonderful when you are hunting the
    Arkansas timber.  We are planning to purchase more for next season to have
    on hand for client use.  Steve, keep up the good work."

    From Donald K, Westlake, Ohio:

         "What an amazing product you've produced with the StikNtheMud.  I can't make it
    fail, and it sure has been a lifesaver, freeing up my hands from holding  7.5 pounds of
    firepower.  And, as you know, when you're duck hunting, the most effective call for
    bringing in the birds is to be pouring coffee or unwrapping a sandwich.  Well, it's been
    working perfectly - - any chance you can produce this product so it fires the gun in
    the direction of the birds too?

          ...In any case, many thanks for this extraordinary product, and as you know, I
    bought several, and have shared them with my friends, all of whom have the same
    positive sentiments as I've shared."

From Chris A, Thunder Force Kennels

 "The StikNtheMud worked wonders so far this year. After a long
hunt, my shoulders had no fatigue from keeping my shotgun slung
over my shoulder. It kept my hands free for calling and taking
pictures.  On the way to and from the hole, I used it as a walking
stick to help keep my balance in the sticky Louisiana mud. I highly
recommend the StikNtheMud!"

From Dave Gean, Flint, Michigan
Marshlan Chesapeakes Kennel:

"Nice product.  It's simple, practical, it
works.  Over a dozen of my hunting
buddies have also bought this product
after seeing mine."
Dave and Taser